About Us


If you’re savvy enough with eth scan you know who we are. For those who are out of the loop, you missed a fun first ride; but fret not… here’s round 2.0.

oh wait we hate that meta, here’s round 2.

We are the team who launched $ZACH where all of our taxes went to helping fund Zachxbt’s legal fees for his ongoing case. We raised a whopping 200K and feel we did our part in supporting everyone’s favorite on chain sleuth.

Why are we back? Well frens, while Zach is taking care of his defense making sure he can keep being the detective he is; we wanted to make sure that all of us had the tools necessary to be our own detectives.

We bring you: On Chain Sleuth. In layman’s terms this is a ZachXBT AI tool as our utility allows you to investigate addresses with ease.

Ca: 0x7fef662ef27ebe4fa958cb8a935600309defc755

Contact Us: info@chainsleutherc.com


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4/4 Total Tax

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